A positive path for spiritual living

Who We Are

When a group reaches a certain level of coherence, generally there’s some higher level of order that comes into the room…it’s almost like the group, as a whole, becomes a tuning fork for the inflow of wisdom – Robert Kenny

Those who are particularly drawn to progressive or evolutionary spirituality are holding a belief that the next stage of enlightened understanding will come into fruition AS the community or group of people holding that consciousness.

We of Unity Global Heart are passionate about being a part of ushering in this next wave of spiritual unfolding.  We sincerely believe that in the seamless, timeless space of the worldwide web, we have a tremendous opportunity to connect with one another without the limitations of locality OR without boundaries or limitations.

Today, there are so many people who are seeking meaningful spiritual experience/expression and yet do not know that there are others out there who think and feel the same way.  We see Unity Global Heart as a portal through which people like you can connect and share with others who are on a similar spiritual journey.    

Our vision and the desire of our hearts is to foster spiritual community and a sense of inter-connectedness.  Our message is that we are not alone, regardless of where we may be on the planet.

This as a living, breathing “spiritual community without walls.”  It is a ministry predicated on the concept of an interconnectedness that occurs beyond physical boundaries. We are creating a dynamic and thriving interactive community using video, audio, and written blog messages that can be accessed at your convenience anywhere, anytime.

Come, be a part of designing the community of your dreams!