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Rev. K

Karen Epps Blue.jpg
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Some personal particulars about Rev. Karen, in no particular order...

  • She is friendly, welcoming, loving, and engaging

  • She meditates daily, sometimes more than once

  • She hails originally from New York and drinks “cawfee”

  • She loves anything purple

  • She loves movies, running, hiking, and food

  • She has “a fella” in her life who is also a Unity Minister


From Rev. Karen herself, about her spiritual outlook…


I’ve been in 12-Step since 1988 and Unity since 2000. Quite simply, both are the best things in my life. I’ve had these complimentary teachings for a long time and their impact on my life has been profound. I especially love Unity because it affirms people right where they are.

I want whoever encounters Unity Global Heart and me to feel connection above all; connection to God, whatever you experience that as, connection to yourself, and that you feel a connection to the people in this community without walls.

One of our hallmarks is that we are inclusive. We value diversity of all kinds—race or ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, everything. I am an avid supporter of gay marriage.

Ultimately, everyone is walking his or her individual path. That’s why Unity is the way it is. We support everyone to be everything individually that they want to be.

I have a deep love and faith in the Unity message of the Divinity of every person. I think that’s what makes Unity so special —that we start with, in the words of Matthew Fox— Original Blessing.

Over the years, my understanding and relationship with Spirit has morphed and changed from “God out there” to “God as amorphous” to “God as Life & Divine Love” to “God/Spirit Is.” I’ve come to believe in a path of spirituality that is trans-denominational, meaning less focused on doctrine and more emphasis on the experience of God.

My influences include Unity’s original teachings (Charles & Myrtle Fillmore), Jesus, Buddhism (including Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Genpo Roshi), Taoism, A Course in Miracles, Integral Theory (Ken Wilber), Evolutionary Enlightenment (Andrew Cohen) and modern mystics such as Sally Kempton, Andrew Harvey, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Ernest Wilson and others.  I am passionate about retreat ministry and relish spending time in meditation.

Perhaps you relate to my journey – it may be similar to yours.  If you are seeking a spiritual community whose primary intention is fostering an environment for you to experience the presence of Spirit in your life, then you may have just found “home.”
Welcome to Unity Global Heart!

  • Ordained as a Unity Minister in 2005

  • Masters Degree in Integral Theory in 2010

  • Prior successful corporate career in Purchasing & Materials Management.

  • Current President of Unity SW Region Board of Trustees

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