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  • Rev. Karen Epps

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Do you remember your first Unity service? How did you feel? Were you elated, confused, touched, or maybe some combination of feelings? I recall crying through my entire first service because I finally felt “at home” in a church. Something about the minister’s words struck a chord in my heart. Everything she said was “just for me.” Have you ever felt that way?

I believe, the reason we return to any spiritual community whether Unity or otherwise, is simply because our heart was touched and we experienced a sense of belonging. I describe that initial taste as a peak experience. A peak experience is just as it sounds, a “peek” into, or “peak” from an elated perspective. With rare exception, peak experiences are unsustainable. They are important, even monumental, but fleeting nonetheless. Transmuting a peak experience into stabilized realization, is the work of transformation, which occurs as the result of an ongoing, persistent, and thoughtful engagement with the spiritual teaching. And that, in relationship to our community, begs an interesting question.

What is Unity? I am so glad you asked. **smile** At its core, Unity is a way of living. Unity shows a path, which is progressive, spiritual, practical, and that embraces the teachings of Jesus without minimizing or discounting any other denomination. It is also a path that affords us the opportunity to re-connect with our Christian roots in a manner that is refreshing and perhaps unlike any perspective you’ve previously held.

I look forward to knowing you and walking this path of enlightenment together.

Love, Rev. K

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