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  • Rev. Karen Epps

Got Patience?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Confession time: this is a topic I really don’t know very much about! Well, I got thinking about patience and here’s what I do (or don’t) know about it. When I am really attached to outcome on something, patience seems exceedingly difficult.  Conversely, if I’m open and receptive or more at ease with whatever outcome occurs, the more comfortable I am about waiting in the mystery; waiting for the revelation of what’s to unfold.

BUT, like I said, when I’m attached to the outcome and would like to see “it” be a particular way, I find patience really hard. I find it challenging to be able to wait. I’ve also noticed that, when attached to outcome, my mind is preoccupied with the situation. Like, there’s this ongoing conversation with the committee in my head. You know that conversation, “If this happens, I’ll do this” or “If ‘x’ happens, I’ll do that.” I run through these various scenarios like an unending movie trailer. Maybe you’ve had that also (smile)

Today, I really want to ask: what do you do? How do you practice patience when you are attached to a particular outcome? Or how do you get to the place where you are able to release the attachment and allow yourself the ability to rest and wait? While you’re pondering those questions, I’ll comment a bit on my process.  Two thoughts arise as I contemplate the idea of patience and waiting.  First, if I am thinking thoughts like “If this happens, then…,” I am not in the present moment. I’m focusing on some future that probably won’t even happen.  So I bring my focus back to the present moment, breathing and relaxing my mind and body.

Secondly, I try to remember to chant the words from Psalm 46.10: Be Still and Know I am God. Simply repeating those words in the form of song takes me out of my head and brings me into my heart (you can create your own melody or Charley Thweatt’s version on Chants Encounter CD is wonderful). And by singing/chanting the words aloud, I feel the vibration being sent throughout my entire body. Plus singing makes you breathe differently and can cause a shift in consciousness. When I sing that chant, I can feel the sense of peace in my heart, mind, and soul.

How do you wait on Spirit particularly when you are anxious about the situation or circumstance you are waiting on? I would love to hear from you:

Much Love & Blessings,

Rev. K

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