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  • Rev. Karen Epps

Light of Consciousness

The entire purpose of our spiritual journey is to bring about a true metamorphosis. I’m speaking of a real transformation that is experienced at the very depth of our being. But here’s the kicker; the overwhelming and profound nature of the spiritual metamorphosis that occurs as we begin to move beyond individual and collective egoic self structures is difficult to convey without knowing about it directly from personal experience. In other words, we cannot transmit something we haven’t got.

Therefore, as Emilie Cady so eloquently wrote, “We must learn how to be still and let Spirit, the I AM, work in us, that we may indeed be made ‘new creation,’ that we may have the mind of “Christ” in all things.” We must engage our spiritual practice in order for us to experience the direct knowing of illumination in our own lives. If we had only known the darkness and had never seen the light of the sun, how could it be described in such a way that it would truly be understood?

The light of consciousness illuminates all things but if we haven't discovered it directly for ourselves, no matter how bright that light may be we won't be able to see it. And why is that? Simply stated, because our attention is on other things. In reality, an enlightened person is one who, through deep engagement with their spiritual practice has experienced the metamorphosis. And, they have realized this truth: we are illuminated by that same luminous essence that makes it possible for the world to exist.

What a gift we have been given: The Light of Consciousness! May you know it well.

Love, Rev. K

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