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  • Rev. Karen Epps

Personal Sabbath

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Simply looking at the calendar, I am deeply aware of the rapid pace at which we tend to live our lives. How many of us run through our day only to collapse exhausted at the end of the evening into bed? Or between our iPods, Blackberry, laptops, and other portable electronic devices stay connected 24/7? Who has sent a text from the toilet? (I know some of you have) We rarely give ourselves an opportunity to breathe let alone pause for more than a moment. Yet, our very health and well-being depends on giving ourselves the gift of rest.

Biblically, the creation story in Genesis tells us about Sabbath. The intention of Sabbath was a day (or time) set apart for resting in the awareness of the presence of God. Sabbath is a time of renewal in mind, body, and spirit. A Sabbath practice, I believe, encompasses three distinct steps: reflection, rest, and receptivity.

Reflection is the contemplation of your life experience, rest comprises entering the sacred chamber of your heart, and receptivity is a state of readiness to embrace God. Woven together these steps mark the transition of releasing the old, which is anything prior to this moment, and stepping into the fullness of what is emerging.

Now is the perfect opportunity to commit to creating your personal Sabbath. What is your lifestyle? Are you better suited for a daily or weekly practice? Do you prefer to include music or a written meditation to guide your process? What duration of time works best? Answering these questions will support you in creating a personal Sabbath is that it is meaningful and reflective of your needs.

Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore felt the one truth Unity has to reveal is how to recognize the divine language in your own consciousness and through that recognition bring it forth into visibility. Keeping your own personal Sabbath allows you to recognize the language and movement of Spirit in your life. Through it, you will experience joy, fulfillment, and peace, what better way to start each day?

Love, Rev. K

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