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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

My daughter phoned last night because she was distressed over a situation with her ex-husband. She wanted to talk to ‘her mommy’ for some much needed support and to talk her off the ceiling as she was (in her words) “freaking out.” I am a good mommy who listened patiently, resisted the urge to say, “I told you so,” and despite my own rising concern, cooed reassuringly. Whether a parent or not, I imagine we can all relate to receiving unexpected distressing news.

As divine timing would have, her call arrived while I was preparing to walk the labyrinth at Unity Village. For centuries, thousands of people have used labyrinths as a form of pilgrimage. In fact, during the Middle Ages travel to holy sites was extremely dangerous. People searched for alternate methods to complete their sacred journey, and so labyrinths became a suitable substitute. The labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral is believed to be one of the earliest paved ones in existence. What does this have to do with my daughter’s phone call?

Well, walking the labyrinth as a form of pilgrimage is about connecting with the Divine. We walk with intention to align ourselves with Divine Mind and the flow of life. I entered the labyrinth distressed but with an open heart to receive guidance and perhaps more importantly to surrender outcome. I recognized that both of us had been responding from fear. While walking toward the center, I held the thought, “only God is present now.” I affirmed the right and perfect solution would come. Around that time the phone vibrated in my pocket.

Since the middle of the labyrinth is a resting place to receive illumination, clarity or insight, I waited until reaching the center before looking at the text. If you’re thinking it was a positive message, you are correct! A possible compromise had been proposed. Placing the phone over my heart, I blessed the situation and everyone involved. On the return walk, I felt the phone vibrate again; my daughter wanted to share her thoughts and talk about accepting the proposal. Once I completed the walk, we spoke, at which time, I shared what I had been doing and was not surprised to hear the updated news.

In this case, I realize an outcome presented itself pretty quickly. Our awareness of it doesn’t always happen that quickly, but what I do believe is any time we align our heart and mind with Divine Mind (or Divine Love) our consciousness is lifted and our receptivity to amazing possibilities is heightened.

You may not be near a labyrinth; however, you can practice pilgrimage in the form of walking meditation, regardless of your location. It can be in your home from room to room, along the sidewalk or in your yard. Whether in response to a distressing situation, a desire for clarity, or to celebrate an event, walking meditation can open the space for peace of mind and serenity. I invite you to give it a try!

Love, Rev. K

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