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  • Rev. Karen Epps


Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Jesus is quoted as saying; “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” What truth was he referring to? As a spiritual teacher, I imagine he was pointing to the capital “T” version; meaning know God (or Spirit) and that will set you free. Certainly a teaching that is worthy of deep contemplation; when we know Spirit deep within our very being that awareness brings surety in the face of challenges or even our joys.

As much I as I do hold this interpretation, I also feel there is great value in pondering the saying from a different perspective. In addition to the “big Truth,” another aspect of “truth” is the ability to see one’s self clearly. In other words having self-awareness can also set us free. Whenever we can see, love, and embrace ourselves just as we are the opinions of others have little effect on our emotional well-being. Let me share a story with you….

Recently, there was a bit of a tussle between myself and another person. Both of us were committed to working through the situation with love and compassion (always helpful – smile). In the course of conversation the other person remarked she had experienced me as “pushy and controlling” (I prefer to think of it as intentional and particular – double smile).

Now, were it not for self-awareness her comment might have taken the conversation down a dark alley, however being in possession of a modicum of “know the truth,” I replied, “Yes! Yes!”

In that very moment the tension dissolved completely. I mean totally, completely gone. Done. Fini. Over. The End. We both laughed and she then added, “It takes one to know one.” Our eyes met and not only were the tensions dissolved but an outpouring of deep love filled the space between us. Our conversation continued which, resulted in greater understanding and mutual respect for one another. We embraced with genuine warmth knowing both of us had been “set free.”

Imagine how harmonious all our relationships can be when we are willing to undertake the spiritual work of “know the Truth” because not only are we set free but so are all others.

Love, Rev. K

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