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  • Rev. Karen Epps

Take a Window Seat

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Since childhood, I have been plagued by a fear of flying. I developed an elaborate self-preservation air travel scheme using the various signals one experiences during flight. For example, I would wait for the double ding which indicates it’s safe to use approved portable electronic devices. However, I would not relax fully until the pilot (aka voice of God) had made his announcements that assured everyone of a smooth flight.

Then one day, while in flight, out of the clear blue sky there came an epiphany! For every moment I spent worrying about the plane crashing I was missing what was happening RIGHT NOW. In other words my thoughts either reached to the past reviving the original fear or stretched into the future of what might be. Regardless of which “direction” my thoughts went, I was not in the present moment. The simplicity of a Spirit-centered answer is astounding; BE in the present moment.

Typically, I occupy an aisle seat. Almost casually I looked toward the window and for the first time truly grasped the beauty of the sky and the landscape below. Instantly, a whole new world opened for me. A previously unheard of thought arose; I could actually enjoy flying! In light of this new experience, my elaborate self-preservation scheme no longer had purpose; it was rendered null and void. Each now moment, if we allow it to be, is the experience of God.

In the period since that flight, I have moved several times, which necessitated an increase in air travel to visit family and friends. I have flown more in the past seven years than the previous 20 combined. Interestingly, some of my best talks have been written on an airplane.

What is an airplane but a vehicle of transportation? As individuals, we are transported through life every moment by virtue of our consciousness. So, let me ask, in consciousness; are you in the aisle seat? You may find yourself in one because of an outdated belief or an unquestioned mode of engaging life. The aisle seat can be comfortable but…can also obstruct your view.

By connecting with God-mind through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, we are gifted with the ability to switch seats. What if you were to take a window seat? Is it possible your entire vantage point would change?

It is a spiritual truth that as above, so below; as for the individual, so for the spiritual community. We are about to embark on a flight which holds the promise of new possibilities. I invite you to board. And, by the way, take a window seat.

Love, Rev. K

(photo by Malayna Dawn. Used with permission.)

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